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We Say Hello

We are a workshop of talented developers spread across a multitude of fields. Each of us experts in their fields, we put our hands together to meet any challenge that may come our way.

Who is this Doganbros?

This workshop of sorts had its conception with only the two of us as the year 2017 was coming to an end. Since then, we’ve developed and spread, meeting freelancing coders we’ve enjoyed working with, and found their expertise dependable. Over the years we’ve taken on all manner of projects together from media distribution applications to WebRTC concepts, and grown into friends along the way. Today, we’re a nine-strong workshop.

Each of us have a broad skill set, which gives us a great amount of flexibility when dealing with projects. We can easily shift focus from one aspect to another to increase our pace, or spread broadly to take on a task from all fronts. This familiarity with a wide range of subject also means we can learn new tricks rather quickly.

Furthermore, we are no strangers to working together. When we work, we work meticulously and carefully, documenting each and every step in a clear and easy-to-follow structure, so you may understand the amount of passion and work-hours poured into the task.

We like working openly and transparently, meeting Q&As and updating reports often.

What speaks for us, then? In the years we’ve worked together, we’ve proved fast and flexible learners, overcoming projects that span multiple stacks, such as;

  • High quality web and mobile application development especially with Node.js technologies.
  • Web and mobile frontend development with React.js.
  • Backend development with Node.js and Node.js frameworks, especially with Nest.js.
  • UI/UX design support for web and mobile apps.
  • Games for web and mobile.
  • Scalable app architecture design, implementation and deployment.
  • CI/CD automation for development, testing and staging
  • Smart TV apps.
  • Clean and high quality code with well documentation.
  • Project management and Q&A support.

We Are Ready to Work

Regardless the size of your project, we are ready. We’re prepared to learn the technologies you wish. Tell us about your project, and let’s see what can we do for you.
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