This week in DB:

  • Some lib-jitsi-meet and Jitsi Iframe API dev…
  • Custom Jitsi setup and conf. and AWS auto scaling implementation…
  • Nginx RTMP integration…
  • AWS Elemental media services API dev…
  • Smart TV app dev. with native script and lovely Svelte…
  • Some coding… A little React, a spoonful of native JS and a dash of Node.js…
  • Routine maintenance SLA…
  • Daily/weekly customer meetings… 
My Skill
Current Workload 83%

We're ready for new challenges!


IT Domains

Focusing on communication and media technologies... Followings are our main expertise.

Tech Stack

Our current tech stack is based on but not limited to:

Software Development

Professional media services with AWS Elemental

AWS Elemental Support

Professional media services with AWS Elemental

Kubernetes Support

Effective workflow distribution with Kubernetes Engine


We are two brothers running an IT workshop together with a handful of talented and dependable companions, specialized in media and communication technologies. We provide end-to-end solutions in consultancy, project management, system installation/configuration/customization , software development and maintenance/support per SLA. We work with a broad range of firms from sunshine startups to cool enterprises.

We don’t really do social media. We’re not on LinkedIn either. If you’re curious about the team, you can find a humble description below.


Computer engineer older than computers. 20 years under his belt. A little start-up, a little venture, a little enterprise. Familiar with a broad range of technologies. Open to development. Likes a good challenge. Father of two.


The new version. He tries too. Believes good code is written in the night. If only he had a good relationship with coffee… His skill range doesn’t include everything but the kitchen sink like his brother, but he learns fast.


The lead developer. Likes video games. Not so much socializing. Confirms certain theories about when the best code is written. Loves the calm and the quiet. Whether he’s coding or rushing B, he finds the same fun.


UX/UI Designer. Bridges the technology with the design. She believes design is everywhere, but good design is hard to come by. She aims to make those rare things. Likes having a plan in her life. Considers travelling and art her passions.


Full stack developer. Bit of an explorer when it comes to latest and exciting web technologies. Takes care to give his code a good upbringing. Efficiency, performance and scalability are his keywords. Programming and playing games are his past-times. Those and playing football.


A passionate full stack developer. Believes the future is made up of code. Interested in data science and AI. Tinkers with his coming-soon startup. Takes a pause from the digital by meeting new cultures and swimming.


Lives by the coding,… -since coding isn’t a dangerous implement, we don’t expect the rest of the idiom to hold. He codes all kinds of designs, makes mobile and web applications look prim and proper before they meet the end user. Tea is his best friends. Says there’s no bad time for tea. There’s no bad time for coding, either.


Front-end developer. He’s an early riser, waking up with the sun. Not that his feathery partner-in-crime gives him much of a choice. He loves animals. Has the bird and a dog. Attempted loving coffee as early as 1-2 years of age. Has an artistic inclination. Plays the guitar, considers a piano, and looks for an aesthetical value in his work.


React & React Native Developer. Loves JavaScript technologies. His motivation is the people who interact with applications he makes. His biggest hobby and his job is one and the same, working and indulging hobbies rolled into one neat package.

Regardless the size of your project, we are ready. We’re prepared to learn the technologies you wish. Tell us about your project, and let’s see what can we do for you.