This week in DB:

  • Some lib-jitsi-meet and Jitsi Iframe API dev…
  • Custom Jitsi setup and conf. and AWS auto scaling implementation…
  • Nginx RTMP integration…
  • AWS Elemental media services API dev…
  • Smart TV app dev. with native script and lovely Svelte…
  • Some coding… A little React, a spoonful of native JS and a dash of Node.js…
  • Routine maintenance SLA…
  • Daily/weekly customer meetings… 
My Skill
Current Workload 83%

We're ready for new challenges!


IT Domains

Focusing on communication and media technologies... Followings are our main expertise.

  • Communication technologies.
    Video conferencing, instant communication, SIP, collaboration tools.
  • Media technologies.
    VOD, CDN, media servers...
  • Enterprise grade open source communication platforms support.
    Especially Jitsi, Rocket Chat and Mattermost.
  • High level proficiency in AWS.
    Large scale deployments, autoscaling, Elemental Media Services etc...
  • Full stack web development.
    Web, mobile and smart tv apps dedicated on realtime communication and media delivery.

Tech Stack

Our current tech stack is based on but not limited to:

  • WebRTC
    End to end enterprise level real time communication app development and support..
  • Jitsi
    Jitsi installation, configuration, customization, custom UI development and maintenance per SLA with any size including extremely large deployments...
  • Rocket Chat and Mattermost
    Enterprise level Rocket Chat and Mattermost concultancy and custom development.
  • AWS
    Large scale deployments, autoscaling, Elemental Media Services etc...
  • XMPP
    Development and customization on well know XMPP server Prosody, also known as backend of Jitsi.
  • Nginx RTMP, Red 5 and Ant Media servers
    Integration, load balancing, auto scaling and orchestration of media servers in large deployments. Low latency, high/low/optimized multimedia delivery.
  • Backend dev with Node.js, Express.js and Sail.js
    Application backend development.
  • Frontend dev with React, React Native, Svelte and NativeScript
    React for conference and audiovisual UIs, Svelte and NativeScript for lightweight high performant web/mobile/smart tv apps.
  • for native and web socket dev.
    Performant and realtime data communication implementations with
  • Meteor.js
    Full stack web development with Meteor also Rocket Chat customizations.
  • SQL and NoSQL
    Postgres, Mysql, Oracle and MongoDB database optimization with the expert knowledge of DB horizontal scaling, performance optimization, normalization, indexing, procedural programing, migration etc...

Business Domains

Having business knowledge and experience in the following domains.

  • Communication
  • Media
  • Education
  • Fintech
  • Airline Industry
  • Manufacturing

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We are two brothers running an IT workshop specialized in media and communication technologies. We provide end-to-end solutions in consultancy, project management, system installation/configuration/customization , software development and maintenance/support per SLA. We work with a broad range of firms from sunshine startups to cool enterprises.

We don’t have a profile on Freelancer platforms. We’re not on LinkedIn either. If you’re curious about us, you can find a humble description below.


Computer scientist older than computers. Twenty years of experience. A little corporate, a little start up, a little venture. Familiar with a broad range of technologies. Open to development. Likes a good challenge. Happy father of two.



New version. He tries too. Believes best code is written under the night. If only he was keen on coffee... Truth where it's due, his skill set doesn't include everything but the kitchen sink like his brother, but he's learning fast.

Regardless the size of your project, we are ready. We’re prepared to learn the technologies you wish. Tell us about your project, and let’s see what can we do for you.