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Hello, hello, hello.

We are a small, but industrious team of developers, and like developers of all kinds, we mingle with cloud services on a regular basis. And in this journey, we have garnered quite the familiarity with AWS. On the internet, it is synonymous with bigger and better, after all. We use AWS to offer a broad range of options, from easily scaling cloud networks to cold storage expanding on need, to full cloud stacks built simply with one click.

AWS, what is it good for?

Well, a lot of things. Imagine you have an application. Like all other little applications, it requires a place to, well, exist. AWS answers this need with EC2, it’s cloud computing service. With EC2, you can pick a perfectly sized, secure environment for your application. Without having to buy more than you need, AWS EC2 is perfectly sized for your budget too.

Next, your application needs to get out into the world and make new friends. How quickly they grow… For that, AWS offers 25 different service regions all across the world, making sure your application can reach anyone, anywhere. Of course, as your application gathers users, and perhaps improves a bit, you may need to increase your computing power, or handle increasing number of concurrent users. But instead of going through the previous steps over and over again, AWS Autoscaling offers you the option to scale out in accordance with metrics of your choosing, creating new servers where there is need, and terminating those where there is not, making sure your application, and your budget, never has to suffer from success.

Now that your application is fully grown into a world-spanning service able to serve thousands of users, what else you might need? Maybe, you need storage, be it for back-ups or a warehouse for your components. AWS S3 offers affordable, secure and reliable long-term storage. Maybe your application is all about delivering content across the world. AWS Elemental has you covered with a vast content delivery network. Maybe it has become a complex system in on itself and has a lot of moving parts, and you wanted to use Kubernetes to manage it. Amazon EKS offers you the perfect tools. In over 175 services, it would be stranger if there wasn’t something for you.

Us and AWS

We value performant, reliable systems that offer easy and on-demand flexibility. AWS, in this regard, shines beyond its competitors and offers us all the tools we would want from a cloud service. We do:

  • Use EC2 to manage servers and provide load balancing and autoscaling on demand.
  • Large volumes of storage on the cloud? We can help through S3 and its companions.
  • We turn to EKS to manage Kubernetes pods and clusters, and sometimes even work around the need with serverless applications with Fargate.
  • Cost optimized, distributed and auto scaleable RDBMS solutions managed by AWS RDS.
  • Large deployments for web and mobile applications.
  • End to end support to migrate your solution to AWS. Consultancy, solution proposal, actual
  • Maintenance support with extremely strict SLA terms.

We Are Ready to Work

Regardless the size of your project, we are ready. We’re prepared to learn the technologies you wish. Tell us about your project, and let’s see what can we do for you.
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