What Do We Know?

Software Development

We worked with many programming environments. We develop, not only for web, but also for mobile.

We developed projects in multitudes of programming languages and development environments. We acclimate to your choices. We value a transparent development process which you can monitor and estimate with ease. We provide not only the software, but documentation and support.

Dont miss out on mobile. We present you not only on web, but also on mobile.

We design the architecture of your software with reliability and capability in mind.

We provide SLA maintenance and support to present your software to your customers without a hitch.


We installed, customised and personalised many different media servers, interactive platforms based on video and audio.

Web RTC wholly changed communication over internet. And we developed projects to keep pace with this change. We set differing media servers and interaction platforms based on video and audio, created media platforms where thousands interact.

We create easily scalable cloud structures and maintain high accessibility rates.

Some of the Web RTC applications we developed, maintained and provided support to;

  • Video conference applications
  • Live distance learning broadcasts
  • Live game streaming
  • Mobile streaming applications
  • Low latency open auction and bidding applications
  • IoT and security applications

Education Technologies

We developed flexible Learning Management Systems (LMS) and created integrated systems.

Interned took strides in educational technologies. And we didn’t sit idly by. We developed tens of flexible and powerful LMS systems where you can monitor and evaluate your users, publish and sell your education content, and more, we integrated them with WebRTC applications to create live education platforms. 

We provide educational applications with easily scalable cloud servers and offer support and maintenance for high accessibility.

In other words, we believe in ourselves when it comes to education technologies. We’ve experience in from creating educative content to delivering this content to your users. Yes, we develop educational content too.


We monitor the latest developments in Fintech

Open Banking and Cryptocurrency is preparing to fundamentally change the concept of banking. We provide consultancy, software development and integration solutions for your Fintech needs.