What Do We Do?


Let's share knowledge, do research, plan and progress.

Consult ask on information technologies, media technologies, education technologies and fintech. Whether you’re a startup after achieving their dreams, or a corporation looking for new solutions, meet us. Let’s create ideas about current technologies and how to implement them in your field of work. Let’s talk, analyze and plan the realization of those ideas.

Software Development

Not only working software, new generations, scaleable, responsive, well documented software.

We are accustomed to many programming languages and environments. Of course, we have our favourites, but we’d like to hear yours. We can acclimate to the technology, developing environment and infrastructure of your choice. Regardless of the size, the complexity and the target audience we can professionally realize the solution that meets your needs.

Installation & Customisation

We provide end-to-end installation and customisation of Open source softwares and servers.

Open source softwares and servers, with right configuration and customization, can answer a broad range of problems, regardless of complexity. This open source solutions can be personalized according to need, and implemented with new abilities. Don’t let it scare you. We’re here. Everything is possible.


Be it open source or subscription based, we provide integration of different systems and platforms.

Now, software has entered an age of integration. There are no more systems that handle everything. Along with it, work processes are much more complicated, and require a slew of systems with different abilities working together. Now, platforms offering different services are integrated together to provide end-to-end solutions. With the correct integrations, your project can be completed in a much shorter time and higher efficiency. That’s why we’re here for.


We update your old infrastructures, move them to their new homes without any loss of data or operational pauses.

Technology changes quickly. It’s almost impossible to keep the pace. You may have barely working softwares and systems past their best-before dates. This is highly normal. With right migration strategies, it’s entirely possible to upgrade without the pain of data loss and crippled operation processes. Tell us what to move & where to move. We’ll move it.

Support & Maintenance

We monitor, update, support and maintain your system under SLA frames decided together.

Support and maintenance is serious business. The real factor in customer satisfaction is whether your software is accessible and working. Even if you aim for critical accessibility rates, according to your SLA needs, we’ll meet your demands. Soundly deliver your substructure to us. We promise to care for it well.


Artık sistemler ve yazılımlar, tasarımlarla iç içe. Yaratıcı metin, görsel tasarım ve video içerikleri sağlıyoruz.

We meet your needs in, end-to-end, your corporate design needs, advertisement and promotional videos, and even digital education videos from script-writing to shooting, edit and production. If you’re also working with our softwares and systems, all the better. Because that means we know your needs. Send us your manuals in need of digitalization, educations and corporate content, regardless of volume. We’ll work on them with our project management expertise and flexible freelancer pool.