Enterprise Grade Jitsi Consultancy

Why, hello there.

We are a duo of brothers, chasing our dream of creating an IT workshop. We learn and improve upon ourselves at a constant pace, but we specialize in WebRTC, RTMP, Streaming, conference applications, chat applications, media servers and AWS media services. All this, translates to 20 complete Jitsi projects in the past 3 and a half years. We continue even now, to provide support and maintenance to some of them. We install, configure, customize it to your needs, scale it up and down with autoscaling tools, integrate into your already existing software, give it a thorough make-up for all your UI choices, develop server side modules for Prosody, anything with Jitsi…
  • We offer consultations to all your Jitsi issues. Or at least, those you would like to consult us about.
  • We set up and configure Jitsi installations at any size, whether in cloud or on-premise and customize your installation with great flexibility. 
  • We design and develop all sorts of UIs for Jitsi. One even had the good old Galaxy Invaders in it.
  • We had experience with AWS Autoscaling, even up to 5000 concurrent users. That’s %5 capacity of an average stadium. Those things are huge, apparently.
  • We set up your server for multi-region support. Communicate across continents, now.
  • You want your recordings stored on a cloud? No problem. We can do that, too.
  • We can fold your Jitsi into an origami crane. Well, that one’s not true, but for everything else, we’re ready.

Here's our portfolio. Of sorts.

At the moment, we’ve only recently completed or still working on these projects here.

Concludis from Germany.

Reattendace, event organization company from England

Jelurida, Swiss company.

Startup company Gumzo developing solutions for African countries from Canada

A startup named Eventtia organizing events for exporters from France.

An enterprise named Turksat biggest internet TV platform provider from Turkey.

An enterprise named Albil IT solutions provider located in Turkey and France.

A start up Univy Ltd. located in London.

Media company named Bild from Portugal.

Also we had Jitsi clients from US, Austria and Italy in our history.

We Are Ready to Work

Regardless of the size of your project, we are ready. If you are, too, give us a little heads up and we’ll schedule a simple consultation meeting to discuss upon your requirements. Free of charge! 

If you have a project you can’t wait to begin, find us here;