Purpie Launches Alpha Version, Bringing Together Multiple Media Solutions for Robust Video Communication and Distribution

May 1, 2023

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We are excited to announce the release of the alpha version of Purpie, an open-source platform focused on video-oriented communication and content sharing. Purpie brings together various solutions to create a unique social media service that prioritizes video communication and coordination of multiple media services.

As an orchestrator, Purpie integrates different media solutions and services for online meetings, live streaming, on-demand video delivery, and more. With an agile and hierarchical way of user interaction and content sharing possibilities, Purpie provides a robust and flexible solution for various video communication and distribution needs.

The alpha version of Purpie is now available for use and customization for any kind of video-based social media needs. The platform is open-source, providing users with the flexibility to customize the platform for their unique business cases. Purpie is also elegant in its look and feel, providing a seamless user experience for video-oriented communication and content sharing.

Some of the possible use cases for Purpie include social media platforms, specific business domains such as e-learning and benchmarking, local authorities such as municipalities, societies, clubs, and religious groups, as well as for internal use within a company.

Purpie can also be used for gaming and entertainment streams, monetizing video content of a video production company, online auctions platforms, business matchmaking solutions, event management for online events, online health advisory services, and online discussion and debating platforms.

We invite you to try out the alpha version of Purpie and provide your feedback to help us improve and enhance the platform. The alpha version is available for quick setup or manual setup for developers. If you're interested in contributing to the project, please refer to our contribution guide and license.

We look forward to seeing how Purpie can be utilized for different industries and communities, and we're excited about the possibilities it offers for video-oriented communication and content sharing. Visit our website to learn more about Purpie and its features.

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